Crazy Hook

3250 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90010

(213) 389-3424
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$2 Valet (for realz!) and free street parking at Wilshire’s parking meters after 7pm (double-check the signs, but you should be good)
Daily, 5-9pm, 50% off most food menu items (and there are lots!)
Well, shiver me timbers, I’m just catching on to the Los Angeles pirate bar craze. A couple years late, but hey, is it ever too late for a pirate bar?! Recently, I made my first foray into this magical world at Crazy Hook and their off-the-hook Happy Hour in Koreatown.

I had been looking for a later Happy Hour in the Mid-Wilshire area to stop by before a friend’s short film premiere (it’s awesome, btw, check it out!). I had three friends from three of social circles in tow – Ad-Bot of the WeHo Connection, TG from work & play, and my fla
me-haired boozin’ buddy, Booze – and I needed to find a place that everyone would enjoy. Luckily, I came across great Happy Hour reviews for Crazy Hook’s 5-9pm Happy Hour on Yelp and knew I had my winner.

So, I picked up the gang and didn’t tell them where we were going until we got t
here… SURPRISE! The whole group was stoked, they hadn’t been to a pirate bar either. And besides the awesome décor, we were even more impressed with the phenomenal Happy Hour prices. From 5-9pm daily, all food (sans a couple special items) are ½ off. There are no drink specials during HH, but Crazy Hook has you covered with their mega-tube dispensers of a wide selection of beers.

The gang (clockwise from top left): Ad-Bot & Swinging Pirate, TG, Moi, and Booze and the 2000cc of Blue Moon
Our gang ordered 5 food items and 2,000cc of Blue Moon ($19.99) and ya’ll – we only paid $60 w/ tip (or $15/person) for all that stuff!! Ad-bot got the fire chicken for $6.59, and us girls shared orders of the Happy Hour-priced $4.99 items: shrimp spring rolls, sweet potato fries (we thought we had ordered the Sweet Potato Gratin dish, but were fine with the Sweet Potato fries we received instead!), and the Ultimate Nachos. We also got a $4.99 order of a delightful carb-filled treat I’d read about on Yelp – Jumbo Bread, oven baked white bread topped with honey butter and maple syrup.

$6.59 Fire Chicken

$4.99 Sweet Potato Fries

$4.99 Shrimp Spring Rolls

$4.99 Ultimate Nacho's

$4.99 Jumbo Bread

The food was all delicious, seriously. And the scene was way fun all the way from the pirate statues to the billowing sails-ceilings to the call & response waiter system to the Asian-style pop music playing in the background. It’s a shame that Koreatown takes 45 minutes to get to from the Case de JB & JG during Happy Hour commuting – otherwise, Crazy Hook might become a regular Happy Hour to take visiting guests to! Also, wish it was closer so we could make our next pirate bar stops at R Bar & downtown’s Redwood Bar sooner!


Rating: 4.5 Martinis

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