Our Story

Jessica and Jennie have taken their loves of writing & drinking to create TheHappyHourTour blog!

It all started with planning a bachelorette party on the Sunset Strip. There were no definitive listings of the Strip happy hours, so we had to spend a fair of time (that we could have instead been boozing) researching the locations, specials, etc. The bachelorette party was a hit; we ended up hitting seven bars in eight hours (not all at happy hour), and meeting an ooh-la-la Frenchman. Oui-oui!

A couple months later, we used the Strip research for a day to night adventure of three happy hours. A friend was trying to catch up with us, and we explained that we were on a happy hour tour. We love a good deal so when happy hour is up at one place, sometimes we keep it moving to the next one. Our friend said that we had to do something with our wisdom, and she was right! It takes us a lot of work to find the best happy hours in Los Angeles so we decided to share with the world. Maybe one day, we'll take our show on the road.

As we like to say - Our wallets are light. Our drinks don't have to be. Other sites tell if a place has happy hour, but we'll tell you the days, times, drinks & food specials, and what kind of people we meet. We cover happy hours only, but if a place is worth sticking around, we'll be sure to note it.


  1. I love this blog; I can't believe I just found it today... keep up the good work, ladies!

  2. i agree love the blog... i'm frugal but enjoy good eats ;)

  3. Love this blog and what a great idea!! Keep it up!



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