Heaven on Seven - Naperville

Parking: Free lots/street parking
Days: Mon. – Fri.
Times: 4pm - close (appetizers)
Food Deals: Half-off appetizers (Mon.-Fri.)
Drink Deals: Beer & Drinks change frequently (check twitter for the latest) / Half-off select wine bottles (Wed.)


Drink Up: Large variety of drinks and food, but…

Spill the Wine: Heaven on Seven could afford to offer more deals on the food & drink.

It’s not always easy running a website while living across the country from each other – but JB and I have been doing just that… until now! JB’s moving to Milwaukee and on her way there, she stopped for a Happy Hour Tour Reunion in Naperville! After the customary Stack Wine/Lifetime movie catch-up party, we spent an afternoon walking around downtown Naperville.  To kick off our evening, I selected Heaven on Seven because their appetizers are half-off, 4pm-close, and all good boozers needs a full stomach to kick off an evening.

Upon arrival, we learned that while the menu features a lot of appetizers, only about a third of the items are offered at half-off.  We didn’t let that deter us from ordering food and decided to split the Cajun Tater Tots with Creole Ketchup ($6.99 – not on HH) and Cajun Fried Catfish Bites ($5.49 on HH). The bartender was sure to let us know the tater tots were not half-off, leading me to believe that there’s often confusion on what’s half-off, but we were already well aware at this point.  The serving size of both dishes was pretty big, but JB & I were in agreement that we would have rather had smaller sizes to allow for more happy hour food options.

Cajun Tater Tots ($6.99)
Cajun Catfish Bites ($5.49 during Happy Hour)
For my drink choice, I was torn between the New Orleans classic cocktail, the Hurricane and the Bayou Punch ($9.95). I finally decided on the Bayou Punch since it was a drink that I’ve never had.  The Bayou Punch was an alcohol version of the green Fla-Vor-Ice, those flavored, frozen treats in a plastic tube that we were all served as kids.  Although it’s always nice to be served a big drink, it was too big for such a sweet flavor. A Jack Daniels convert since her visit to the distillery in Lynchburg, JB opted for the Jack Honey Lemonade ($8.50) – Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey + Lemonade. She should’ve known better – the honey whiskey is sweet enough on it’s own, so coupled with the lemonade… well, it’s kinda like drinking liquid sugar. Not the best dinner cocktail. Since we weren’t too crazy about the cocktails, if I were to drink at Heaven on Seven again, I would opt for Wine Wednesday, where all bottles are half-off… and if you don’t finish the bottle, you can take it with you!

Jack Honey Lemonade (L) and Bayou Punch (R)
As seen on our instagram - Follow at thehappyhourtour!
Although I love the great wine deal, I’m not too sure if I would make a return visit to Heaven on Seven because the service wasn’t too friendly. On our Monday night visit, there was a beer promotion featured on twitter and on the sign outside the restaurant. However as JB & I watched people off the street come into to order the beer, they were turned away because it wasn’t ready to serve, rather than tell them when it would be ready or offer them something else to keep their business. Even weirder, people without reservations were turned away because there was an event at 7pm, although the event wasn’t for another 2 hours. If people weren't sitting at the bar or had a reservation, they were turned away. I expected more southern hospitality for a New Orleans themed restaurant.


224 N. Main St.
Naperville, IL 60540

Neighborhood: downtown Naperville

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