We'll Drink to That: Fresh & Easy - St. Patrick's Day Taste & Tweet

On Thursday, March 14th, our friends at Fresh & Easy hosted a "Taste & Tweet" in celebration of the holy Guinness holiday, St. Patrick's Day!! 

So I had a couple gal pals over - it ain't a party without Kitty Packard, Ch_eekyGirl, and Good in LA - we cranked up the Irish Pub channel on Pandora, and enjoyed some excellent Guinness cocktails -- thereby breaking the cardinal rule, "Thou shalt not drink and tweet!" 

Here’s our delish mix for the evening – we were ready to sample everything and then some! 

Don't mind the call box, we only use it to buzz our landlord, Mr. Furley.

Cocktail #1 – Black Velvet 
What it is: Guinness and Montcadi Cava 
Our notes: Super light and refreshing, especially for a Guinness Cocktail! 
Best Tweet: On the difficulty of floating the Guinness on top of the champagne, “...having never honed my tom cruise "cocktail" skills we are struggling here. how about the rest of you?” @FreshandEasy  Um, YES!!

Cocktail #2 – Black & White 
What it is: Guinness and Hopper Whitman Belgian White Ale 
Our notes: Great flavor, full bodied blend - I could drink these in my sleep. I don't even know what that means, but it's good.
Best Tweet: “Do the Belgians and Irish like each other? Feel like I am building a bridge between nations” - @MrAndrewBradley

Cocktail #3 – Chocolate Guinness 
What it is: Guinness and Underworld Chocolate Stout (we had to substitute with Boatswain Chocolate Stout)
Our notes: Dangerous and dark chocolate-y. I would serve this as a dessert to a hardcore berserker kind of dude (just my type!), like someone who lives in Game of Thrones. 
Best Tweet: “A long time ago, a friend said the reason he liked Guinness was bc it tasted like "a burnt chocolate milkshake." @kristysf 

Special HHT Cocktail #4 – Snakebite! 
What it is: Guinness and Julian Hard Cider (made in SoCal’s Apple capital, Julian, CA).
Our notes: It was good, I was drunk by then. But I do want to note that I think it’s great that Fresh & Easy carries tasty local beers like this! 

Some other fun pics from the evening: 

 The fridge was ready to PARTAY!!!! 

So was our dinner spread! 

Taking a self portrait (while hoarding three Black & White’s) is serious biz! 

Self-Portrait Result (less boobs!). 

As always, big thanks to the Fresh & Easy team and to Allison Osorio at RL Public Relations!


  1. Ooh, we love the Snakebite cocktail idea! Maybe for next St. Patrick's Day we'll have to work that one in and give you credit as the inventors! ;) Thanks for joining us and to @Ch_eekyGirl for being your 'designated Tweeter' for the evening.

  2. Excellent, though I think many pubs would beg to differ on the inventor credit - we'll take it though ;)!



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