As many of you have probably noticed, The Happy Hour Tour has been a little quiet this summer. And that’s for lots of reasons – lots happening at work, lots changing in the social sphere (apologies to my junior year English teacher, I know lots are what you park in :). 

In the biggest Happy Hour Tour news, as some of our friends and fans already know, the divine Miss JG has left The Happy Hour Tour Headquarters here in Los Angeles and headed back to our home state of Illinois. 

Not quite sure what all this adds up to in Happy Hour Tour land, but I do know that both JG’s and my love of Happy Hour remains steadfast and as long as we can find a few free afternoons a month to try new Happy Hours, we will do so! And we will report our findings in both La La Land and The Windy City!

So, we thank you for checking up on The Happy Hour Tour and hope you will continue to do so. 

x’s and o’s and a couple martinis,

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