Curly’s Pub

Lambeau Field
1265 Lombardi Ave.
Green Bay, WI 54304

 No visit to Green Bay is complete without a stop at Lambeau Field!

Parking: Free at Miller Entrance
Days: Monday-Friday
Times: 5-7pm
Drink Deals: $2 off Draft Beers, $1 off Rail drinks
Food Deals: No food deals

Nightly Specials:
--- Sunday: Build your own Bloody Mary; Draft Beer Specials
--- Monday: Burger Blitz & Draft Picks (4-10pm)
--- Tuesday: $2 Tuesdays, including $2 Sliders, Fries, and Select Beers 
--- Friday: Fish Frydays and other specials

Special Note: Game Day Hours – For home Packers games, Curly's is open to game ticketed guests only during specific hours. Non-game ticketed guests can enter Curly's through the Miller Brewing Co. gate entrance 45 minutes after the conclusion of the game.

Quick recap: I was visiting Green Bay, WI to meet my new baby niece (sweet little thing, more hair than her Daddy!) and my bro & I snuck out of the house for a little Happy Hour Tour. We had some success at White Dog, Black Cat, but then struck out at the Sardine Can and Taste of the South. Cutting our losses, we did what everyone does when they visit Green Bay, we went to Lambeau Field aka Packers Stadium, for a “5th Quarter” 5-7pm Happy Hour at Curly’s. 

Inside Lambeau Field, looking down at the Atrium

Entering from the Miller entrance, we cut through the pro-shop and then headed up a spiral staircase to visit Curly’s. The pub immediately reminded me of a massive sports-themed Applebee’s with its big bar and family dining set-up, and hometown wooden tables and chairs. PB and I grabbed a seat at the bar, trying to avoid sitting too close to the folks at nearby tables, but ending up right near the server’s station, where we were privy to the hilarious line, “If I knew where the muddler was, would I be using an ice pick?”

Inside the bar

Said ice pick was being used to muddle my Old Fashioned, a popular Wisconsin cocktail. My pal Kitty Packard had introduced me to Old Fashioned’s back in LA and most joints there do it up with whiskey, bitters, a sugar cube, and some fruit garnish. The Wisconsin version is a bit different – offered as sweet or sour and with whiskey or brandy. I went with the sweet brandy version complete, which I think was made with Sprite. I’d definitely be interested to see how those Wisconsin folks make their Sour Old Fashioned! That said, I did enjoy the sweet cocktail, definitely goes down a little smoother than the traditional Old Fashioned.

An Old Fashioned at Lambeau Field

My Green Bay Old Fashioned wasn’t on Happy Hour, but only cost $5.50, which is totally all right pricing coming from La-La. PB had a Winter Lager, $3.25 during HH. Again, no food deals at this Happy Hour and we were completely full from our fried fish plate at White Dog, Black Cat so we forwent the regular-priced food this go-round, but I would have loved to have tried their version of the Wisconsin bar staple, fried cheese curds or their popular Playoff Pretzel Bites (in the $6-10 range).

Skipping the food and on a real-life 5th Quarter deadline to make it back home soon to relieve sis-in-law; we finished up our drinks and headed back home, mini-Happy Hour Tour complete.

Love it! In place of a bathroom mirror in the ladies' room, Lambeau Field features some old Packers pictures!

And dear reader, worry not –I did get to sample some cheese curds at TitleTown, a local brewery with a very tasty menu!! They offer a Happy Hour as well, but only on week-days (we went on a Sunday) and with no food deals. What gives on the food deals, Green Bay?!

Playing Statues with Coaches Lombardi and Lambeau!


Rating: 3.5 Martinis (Great experience of Happy Hour at an NFL stadium, but not great deals)
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