Monsieur Marcel

Farmer’s Market
6333 W. 3rd Street

Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 939-7792


2 hours free validation with purchase from a Market merchant ($3 for the 3rd hour)Days: Monday-Friday
Time: 3-7pm
Drink Deals:
½ off Wines by the Glass
Food Deals:
Small Plates (Charcuterie & Crostini options and more) from $4.95 - $7.95

Happy Hour Tourists, take caution when planning your adventure and remember to check the weather report before heading out. I could have heeded my own advice this past Wednesday, the windiest day on record in LA in the last 10 years, when pal KR and I decided to meet up for Happy Hour at the Farmer’s Market with its wind tunnel outdoor aisles, blowing signs, plates, etc!

So darling and... French!

Despite the Kansas-to-Oz weather conditions, KR and I managed to have a fun, windy catch-up Happy Hour at the cozy and romantical Monsieur Marcel’s, a truly adorable Farmer’s Market restaurant with an adjacent gourmet store and featuring a killer wine list. With a couple bars offering Happy Hours at the Farmer’s Market (EB’s and 326), I figured the hearty wines of Monsieur Marcel might offer a little more warmth. Normally, I sweat like mad when drinking red wine, but that night, I welcomed any warmth!

Mendoza Solsticio ($5.50/glass)
Besides the heartwarming vino, I’ve always loved the candle-lit café setting of the restaurant and looked forward to finally trying out their Happy Hour. Our helpful waiter pointed us in the direction of a couple wines he thought we might like – all wines by the glass being half-off – and we ended up with an Over the Edge pinot noir from New Zealand for KR (at $5/glass on special) and an Argentinean wine, the Mendoza Solsticio, for me ($5.50/glass). I enjoyed the Solsticio which had a smoky and yet still fruity flavor and KR liked her pinot noir too.

Clockwise from top left: Salted Potatoes ($4.95); Tapenade Sampler ($7.95); St. Loup & Tomato Crostini ($4.95); Truffle Ham Charcuterie Plate ($4.95)

The restaurant also has a handy little Happy Hour menu with 5 charcuterie items, 5 crostini selections, along with truffle deviled eggs, and salted potatoes. Together, we sampled 4 of the bites – the truffle ham ($4.95); the St. Loup and Tomato Crostini – goat cheese with tomato preserves ($4.95); the Tapenade Sampler – sun-dried tomato pesto, Artichoke-lemon spread, and roasted red pepper tapenade ($7.95); and the Salted potatoes served with a salsa verde ($4.95). I think I enjoyed the potatoes best of all with their meaty texture and the St. Loup & Tomato Crostini a close second; I found the Tapenade Sampler a little bland and salty.

I’ve read that the French stay thin by taking the time to enjoy their food, which is served in smaller portions. Monsieur Marcel promotes that with their small plates and intimate environment that feels comfortable enough for an evening with friends – a nice counterpoint to some of the over-serving nearby Grove restaurants (no offense Cheesecake Factory!).

Our hair looks pretty good for the remarkably windy conditions!!


Rating: 4 Martinis

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