Gin & Tonic for the Soul: How Do People Find The Happy Hour Tour?

Interesting Discussion Topics for Happy Hour

Statcounter is a valuable tool for any blogger - it's a tracking site that allows anyone with a website to see how many visitors check out their site, where they're from geographically, and how they found the page. For The Happy Hour Tour, it's a good resource to maximize our outreach by tracking which HHT plugs – be it from Urbanspoon or our friends at Uncouthed – draw the highest readership; it really is all about the cross-promotion!

Besides providing helpful feedback about where best to continue our efforts, Statcounter also supplies some serious laughs, interesting information, and many question marks. In short, we very much enjoy checking the searches that land visitors at our doorstep.

In totally random order, we’ve been found by users entering all of the following search terms at one time or another – snide comments are JB’s*:

“Peace out phoenix hello oc” – Is this a long-lost 311 track?

From Macedonia –“amstel beer decorations” – I’m picturing a Macedonian living room entirely filled with Amstel Beer decorations. My PBR bathroom won’t be outdone!

“cheesecake didn’t rise” – Sorry to hear about that! Maybe our Cheesecake Factory reviews can help?

From Greece – “we love gin tonic” – We love Hall Oates and almost as much as Captain Tenille. We really hope they’ll consider covering Ebony Ivory. (PS – I’m not saying my Greek is any better than their English)

“WHAT IS THE PRICE OF DRINK AT TGIFRIDAYS” – Why is Kanye West looking for drink prices at Friday’s? Also, is he from Greece?

JB's Happy Hour Fan-Fiction Photoshop Skillz in Full Glory!

“whoom the happy hour bar arrived on the 15th of the month” – Come again? Only thing I can figure is this could be the long-awaited (and wordier) follow-up to “Whoomp (There It Is!)”

“Goat Insignia” – Smile if you love Satan. For real, why are you googling goat insignia?

True Happy Hour Tour "Goat Insignia" photo @ The Surly Goat

Image search for “Nice Irish Man” – I’d like to find one of those as well!

“robert mondavi discoer wine tour helpng people across the country get it” – It really does just help people “get it.”

“what to wear on a wine tour” – Nothing.

Google truly is amazing sometimes. Found this image searching "Nude Wine Tour" from Winemag.com.

“what types of people go to lucky strikes?” – Bad ones. And people that google what to wear on a wine tour.

“christopher columbus compared to jack black” – Well, Christopher Columbus discovered America. So did Jack Black. Jack Black starred in SHALLOW HAL; Christopher Columbus was considered for the role. Totally apples to apples...

My personal favorite – “cool bar” – so very specific; that reminds me, I need to search “fun people” and “good times”

* I’m just having fun of any of the above searches – half of my own searches are misspelled and probably just as bizarre (try "can humasn get fleas?"). And really, we don’t care how people find us; we’re just glad when they do and when they decide to come back!


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