Media Event: Fresh & Easy Twitter Tasting

As always, we are super-stoked whenever a company reaches out to The Happy Hour Tour to cover their events… and we both also like eating in bed (incongruous, but go with us on this). So we were beyond excited when Fresh & Easy reached out to the HHT to join their Twitter Tasting on Thursday, September 29th - where we tried 3 new wines while in the comfort of our own home. Pretty genius actually.

*You might note I pulled the wrong bottle of white out of the fridge for this glamour shot ;)!

JG & I both like the Fresh & Easy brand - not only because of their name is just like we like our call-girls, but also because it's a local market with good prices and an emphasis on saving its customers money "from the ground up" (cement floors instead of pricier tiles, energy efficient bulbs, etc). They also have a phenomenal wine selection, many exclusive to Fresh & Easy, at terrific prices. As gals on a budget, we're partial to the Big Kahuna family, which gives 2-buck-Chuck a run for its $2, with swell varietal offerings for under $3 a bottle. Plus, rumor has it they just added 6 new Kahuna wines!

As part of the Twitter* Tasting, Fresh & Easy mailed us a box of 3 different wines (normally priced from $5-11) to sample from. And then we logged onto TasteLive.com and here's what we tried and learned:

-- Dreamstone Pink Moscato – a Spanish wine; pink, delicious and fizzy! It was a JG favorite.

-- Ma Cherie White Cuvee – a French Chardonnay with a very basic taste, not buttery like my ma likes, but a nice basic white to pair with almost anything.

-- Doon Buggy Napa Valley Red Blend – a California red blend (my favorite!) with a very smoky and oak-y flavor, autumn-tinged perfect after fall day of raking leaves (not in LA though :)!

It was fun sampling the wines and trying to keep up with the live Twitter feed – favorite Tweet of the night from our Twitter-friend, TaraMetBlog – “My mother is also joining me in tonight's @freshandeasy twitter party. Although she calls it tweeter & thinks I know u all #freshandeasywine.” Sounds like my ma!

Thanks to Fresh & Easy for hosting the fun Twitter party and to Allison Osorio at RL Public Relations for reaching out to The Happy Hour Tour!

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