The Corner

3721 W. Iles
Springfield, IL 67211
(217) 546-3600

Parking: Free Lot!
Days: Daily
Time: All the time
Food & Drink Deals: Various Daily Specials

I’ve been to and thoroughly enjoy The Hollywood Corner in LA; so on a summer trip back to Central, IL – I thought I’d try my luck with Springfield’s Corner, a standard sports bar-restaurant on the city’s West side.

Housed in an upscale strip mall, my dad had recommended the Corner for their tasty food. As detailed in my Osaka review, Illinois doesn’t have Happy Hour specials due to anti-binge drinking legislation; however they can offer deals all day. Yes, because daily drink deals encourage less drinking than a 2-to-3 hour Happy Hour… Weird!

On this Monday night, High School pal Buddy B and I stopped by for $2 domestic beer (which Buddy B told me wasn’t that much of a deal there), $3.50 Bacardi flavors, $4 Makers Mark, and $4.25 Makers 46. While getting caught up during a White Sox game, I enjoyed a Bacardi Razz w/ soda water and Buddy B had a couple Makers 46’s w/ Pepsi.

Makers 46 w/ Coke ($4.25) and Bacardi Razz w/ Soda Water ($3.50)

Even though I hit a lot of Happy Hours, I’m not the best at remembering to ask what’s good – instead just preferring to go with whatever vegetarian option sounds tasty. Luckily, Buddy B was better at this and that’s how I ended up with the Fried Mushrooms ($6.49) served with Ranch and a delicious horseradish dressings and the House Salad w/ house-made Sweet & Sour dressing ($2.49). I forget that a House Salad back in the Midwest isn’t complete with a handful of cheese, which I could’ve done without, but both food items were pretty good. Buddy B ordered the Turkey Chipotle Panini with Sweet Potato Fries ($8.99), which he enjoyed.

Turkey Chipotle Panini w/ Sweet Potato Fries ($8.99)

House Salad w/ house-made Sweet & Sour dressing ($2.49)

Fried Mushrooms ($6.49)

Even though I can’t rate The Corner on a daily Happy Hour, I did like the prices for their daily specials and found their food prices just fine as well. I also enjoyed the jukebox jams – a real hodgepodge of 80’s tunes like Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana,” some Genesis, and some Hall & Oates – you know, just the latest in popular music!

American Harvest - Blueberry Mojito ($7.50)

Also worth mentioning is the American Harvest Eatery – another restaurant in the stripmall that created its menu based on seasonal local offerings, one of my favorite kind of restaurants! Although they didn’t have any specials per se, I LOVED my in-season blueberry mojito for $7.50. Not a total deal in Springfield, but still cheaper than LA and I don’t mind paying a little more for homegrown efforts!


Rating: 4 Martinis

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