600 N. 1st St.
Burbank, CA

Parking: Free lotDays: DailyTimes: 3-6pm (M-F) and 10pm-Close (daily)Drink Deals: $2.25 12 oz. “Hooters Girl Size” & $4 22 oz. “Man Size” Domestic Drafts, $3 Well Drinks, $4 Red Bull & Well Vodka, & $5 Jager BombsFood Deals: ½ Priced Appetizers

I have no idea what Hooters put in their wings that make me keep coming back again and again, but they are damn good. With the name, the all-female staff, the outfits – I have to wonder where is our male version of Hooters? I’m no hater of the pretty ladies, but seriously where is a place that has good food, drinks, & a hot male staff for women to eyeball. Boystown does not count. For these reasons, I had started to become a regular at WingStop, but Hooters had to go and start promoting happy hour!

The drinks offered on happy hour special (beers, Red Bull & vodka, & Jager bombs) are definitely things that some of my male friends order on the regular. There is a $3 special on well drinks, but I would have liked to see a deal on one of their specialty cocktails from the long menu to lure in the female customers. I know plenty of girls that drink beer, but even they usually prefer wine or cocktails to beer. I tried the vodka & strawberry lemonade ($7) from the drink menu and definitely think they could easily charge $3 for that since it wasn’t that special. It would be nice to see at least one more drink option, especially since they have so many specials on everything else.

Spiked Kool-aid

In addition to happy hour, Hooters offers so many different specials each day on food that the easiest way to stay up to date is to bookmark their site! One thing that stood out was “Wingsday,” where $5.99 will get you 10 boneless wings & fries every Wednesday. Unfortunately at happy hour, there are no specials on the famous wings! My friend, Derek, and I didn’t care anyway and ordered 20 of the medium, breaded wings ($13.99). As always, they were amazing and we left no wing uneaten. The only happy hour special that we had was the fried pickles ($3 at HH) with a ranch-like dipping sauce. The menu warns that they are very addictive and they were. I even thought about placing another order to go, but I showed restraint. Other appetizers, such as onion rings, tater tots, & cheese sticks, run about $3-5 during happy hour. Not bad!

Last meal on Earth? Probably wings.

Fried Pickles

I’ll definitely be back to Hooters, but not necessarily for happy hour. I come for the wings and since there’s no special on those, I have no need to rush over there. If anyone from Hooters is reading this review, please email me if the wings ever get added to the happy hour menu. I’ll be back much sooner!

Rating: 3.5 Martinis

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  1. never been a big fan of hooters' wings. i think wingnuts is a lot better, but those drink prices are pretty darn nice.



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