Armitage Wine Lounge & Café

La Encantada
2905 E Skyline Dr #168

Tucson, AZ 85718

(520) 682-9740


Parking: Free Lot

Times: 4-7pm and 10pm-Close; Sunday - 4pm-Close
Drink Deals:
20+ Happy Hour-priced Wines ($5-13), a selection of $6 and $8 Martinis

Food Deals: $4-7 Bites

After we hit Blanco and were beginning to feel pretty good about it (if you catch my drift), we made our way downstairs to our next Happy Hour stop, Armitage, a nice wine-bar kinda place with a wide selection of Happy Hour drinks and eats.

The scene was kinda like your typical wine-bar – dark woods, pleasant yellow-orange walls, various seating arrangements (bar, high tables, low tables, sofas, patio seating, etc). Like Blanco, the scene was moderately happening at Armitage; it was nice to see people taking full advantage of Happy Hour since us Angeleno’s seem to prefer paying full price during late nights to the swell amenities of Happy Hours!

A little Frenzy ($5) and White Sangria ($5)

Having already downed a margarita and beer and over-stimulated by the awesome Armitage Happy Hour drink menu (over 20 Happy-Hour priced wines and six $6 Martinis & five $8 Martinis), I made the logical next order – a glass of Frenzy, a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, priced at $5, while AP went with the $5 White Sangria.

Bruschetta Plate ($6)

Armitage Fries ($4)

And even though we’d already had our fill of chips & salsa at Blanco, we were still excited to try a couple food items at Armitage. We ordered the four-bruschetta plate for $6, getting two of the Chopped Tomatoes & Roasted Garlic and one each of the Mushroom & Gorgonzola and Green Apple with Brie. The tomato was my favorite, though the other ones were swell too (AP found the gorgonzola a bit sharp, but I don’t mind sharper cheeses). We also ordered the Armitage Fries, Krinkle-cut French Fries served with 2 dipping sauces – one was very vinegar-y and the other a less identifiable dip – maybe onion? Chipotle? The dips were fine, but I think a good ketchup and aioli (like LA’s BoHo!) would have been even better.

I had wanted to try the $5 Baked Cookie for dessert, but alas, after these 2 delish Happy Hours, we were stuffed beyond recognition – or at least until our stomachs settled enough for the fantastic Frost gelato a bit later!

I dig it!

Besides Armitage’s often & a lot Happy Hour deals, I was also impressed with their weekly specials – including “Half Price Mondays” with ½ off your entire bill with any food purchase; ½ Price Bottles of Wine All Wednesday; ½ price Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s during Weekend Brunch (10am-2pm); and All Night Happy Hour on Sunday (beginning at 4pm!); and more! Basically, anytime you hit Armitage, you’re going to be getting a pretty good deal! Sweet!


Rating: 4.5 Martinis

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