Trader Vic’s

LA Live
800 West Olympic Blvd. #A120
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 785-3330

Parking: $5 for 1st 2 hours, $5 each 30 min. thereafter – OR take the Metro – nearby stops on the Red Line (Civic Center station) and Blue Line (Pico station)
Days: Monday-Friday
Times: 3-6pm
Drink Deals: $4 Beers; $6 Mai Tai’s and selected cocktails; $7 Leblon Cachaca and Raspberry Bellini
Food Deals: Appetizers from $3-7

As you know from Tuesday’s rockin’ Rock’N Fish review, JG and I spent our recent Good Friday/Earth Day holiday on a sweet little Happy Hour Tour of LA Live. I’ve been wanting to check out LA Live’s many HH deals, unfortch – they mostly run Monday-Friday. As such, I was stoked to have a work holiday to get a little wild on a Friday afternoon. Even if it was Good Friday :).

We started out at 3pm at Trader Vic’s – alleged home of the Mai Tai; Wikipedia says that “Don the Beachcomber” (hahahaha) was an “amicable competitor” of Victor Jules Bergeron, Jr. (aka Trader Vic) and both claimed to have invented the Mai Tai. Whoever invented it, Trader Vic’s Mai Tai is good – and pretty much LA-famous. Although Trader Vic’s is no longer housed at its original Beverly Hilton home, we were told that you can still order the drinks while poolside at the hotel.

If you can’t make it there, we say head to their location at LA Live on a weekday from 3-6pm for a swell Happy Hour – complete with $6 Mai Tai’s and other assorted cocktails. That’s what JG and I did – I opted for the standard Mai Tai classic and she enjoyed the Bahia “a snowy concoction of light rum with coconut and pineapple.”

Knowing that we had several more stops to make, we ordered light – the $5 Hummus with Pita – large enough for both of us to enjoy as an afternoon appetizer. Other selections included Vic’s Island fries (spiced or sweet potato fries) for $4; Miso Rolls for $7; Spring Rolls for $5; and a fun sounding appetizer platter for four people – with Crispy Prawns, Crab Rangoon, Char Siu Pork, Veggie Spring Rolls, Chicken Skewers, BBQ Ribs – for $32.

Overall, I loved the ambiance. There were not too many other guests, but from our nice hostess who happily took a picture of us without us even having to ask to the lime green fabric and wood tiki décor to the great oldies soundtrack (I’m in heaven at any Happy Hour that plays “And Then He Kissed Me” (link to the songs that make the scene), I thoroughly enjoyed Trader Vic’s Happy Hour.

I just wish it went longer than 6pm on weekdays so that I could make it over to enjoy a Mai Tai $4 off the regular asking price ($10 not during HH)!

--JB the Beachcomber

Rating: 3.5 Martinis

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  1. That sounds like a great happy hour. I love Trader Vic's Mai Tai, and $6 is a great deal. You can't go wrong with that. Great post!

  2. You 2 sound like you know how to have a great time! Great post. BTW love your blog and have added to my blogroll...I hope that's ok. I'm just starting my blog and yours is inspiring. :)

  3. Thanks for the nice note, High Heels! We're happy to be included in the blogroll!



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