4636 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

Parking: Free lot behind bar; Limited street parking
Days: Tuesday-FridayTime: 4-8pmDrink Deals: $3 Beers, $4 Well Drinks, $6 Specialty Drinks, $7 Anchor Steam pitchersFood Deals: None

In going to Akbar in Silverlake, I felt like I was taking sides in the East Side vs. West (Hollywood) Side gay bar debate. When researching Akbar on yelp, there seemed to be a debate about which bars were better - as if people needed to pick one side for some strange reason. It felt like the 90s again with all the Biggie Smalls vs. Tupac debates. For the record, I never chose sides back then.

Arriving at Akbar, I began taking exterior shots for this review. Within a couple of minutes, I was interrupted by a cab driver pulling over to shout sweet nothings at me, a homeless man asking me where he can get a meal, and an assumed sleeping homeless man waking up to mumble something to me. I began to understand why some people prefer West Hollywood. Since my main purpose of this visit was my friend Luke’s comedy debut, there was no turning back. Note to self: next time visiting Akbar, travel in pairs or wear my new knife-lace from Detroit Trash.

Luckily, the riff raff outside did not travel inside. On Tuesday nights, Akbar hosts “Drunk on Stage” stand up comedy ($5 cover). From what I quickly gathered, almost everyone present was waiting for comedy night to begin, making me wonder if people come to happy hour any other time. Since we were all there to support friends, everyone was pretty friendly and had some sort of connection to other people present. LA proves it really is a small world sometimes.

From Happy Hour partner to Comedian, my buddy Luke

For this happy hour, I decided to mix up my drink routine and try the Pear Cosmo ($6). It was a bit sweeter than a regular cosmo and I like it well enough that I ordered another one right before happy hour was over. In the event that the comedy wasn’t good, I figured liquor might help bring some laughs. Not only does Akbar have a 4-8pm happy hour, but starting at 8pm on comedy night - margaritas & tequila shots are only $3! Perhaps, we share the same idea on liquor and laughter. The bar does not serve food, but it can be ordered from The Kitchen next door.

Riff raff aside, I would have no problem returning for happy hour. The bartenders were quick & attentive, and my drinks were pretty good. Next time, I might even stay again for comedy since I did not need the aid of alcohol to force a chuckle.


Rating: 3 Martinis

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