6541 Hollywood Blvd., Ste 102
Los Angeles, CA 90028

(323) 960-0224

Parking: Hollywood Blvd. valet parking, neighborhood parking north and south of the blvd.
M-F, 4-8pm, $5 Daiquiris & well drinks, $5 food selections

It’s always a happy occasion when my brother and sister-in-law come to visit! And for whatever reason, we always seem to celebrate our time together with a Happy Hour (or three) – go figure, so strange ;). I hadn’t seen them since July when we visited Z’Tejas in Costa Mesa, so we had some major Happy Hour-ing to catch up on. Unfortunately, Sis-in-law was busy studying for a test and couldn’t make it – so it was Bro & JB time. And unlike the old days when the two of us hanging out alone might have led to mortal combat (and I don’t mean the game), we’ve grown up nicely so that we can share the same air, and even enjoy each other’s company! Yay for growing up!

Look ma, we're playing nice!

I had picked a nearb
y Happy Hour I’ve been wanting to check out since I hit Te’Kila a couple months ago – their across the way neighbor, the New Orleans themed Five-0-Four, known for their tasty grown-up slushies as well as being a hotspot for watching LSU, the Saints, and Hornets games on their patio TV’s. Five-0-Four doesn’t offer a weekend Happy Hour, but we were in luck on this Saturday as they offered it during the LSU game.

Well apportioned bar!

Grown-up Slushies!!

Happy Hour consists of $5 well drinks and daiquiri’s, aka grown-up slushies that come in flavors like Wild Strawberry, Red Bull & Vodka, Sub-Lime, Arnold Palmer, and Call A Cab (watermelon). Happy Hour also features a $5 selection of food – the ½ chicken & veggie Po’Boy plates, jambalaya, gumbo, red beans & rice, the Creole Fries and a special wings basket (all normally priced between $6-10).

When in Rome, New Orleans - a bar that’s set in New Orleans, PB & I started with daiquiris – he went for the Sub-lime green concoction and I had the tastier Arnold Palmer. More like the John Daly… But not really, that would have required more liquor – this just tasted like a nice grown-up slushie that gives you a slight buzz (though for $2 extra during HH, you can add a shot to the daquiri!). The drinks are normally $10, so the $5 pricetag seems like a pretty good deal for a pretty-good sized drink. I don’t love that the daquiris are served in Styrofoam cups, but I guess that keeps them cool for guests and hey, they make great to-go cups (haha, don’t get any ideas!).

Cajun French Fries w/ da bomb creole mustard - $5 during Happy Hour

We also shared an order of Cajun French Fries with awesome creole mustard and then each ordered the $5 Po’Boy plates – chicken Po’Boy w/ more fries for PB, and veggie Po’Girl w/ coleslaw for moi. PB liked his sandwich okay, but I was surprised how much I loved the veggie sandwich, one of the better vegetarian options I’ve had at a Happy Hour since starting this site!! The sandwich had blackened mushroom and roasted peppers, provolone cheese and mayo, but what really kicked it up was the inventive idea of adding leafy greens with balsamic dressing (like a mini-salad) to the sandwich. Really, really good!

Half Po'Boy Plates - Veggie & Chicken with Slaw & Fries - $5 during Happy Hour

The bar is cool; it’s mostly outdoors – a long patio with bar seats and seated tables. And the scene was fun with the LSU sports fans making it pretty kickin’ for a Saturday early evening. Our waiter was slightly surly, but I might have slightly asked for it by slightly complaining about the lack of the weekend Happy Hour and their unwillingness to start Happy Hour 10 minutes before the LSU game.

I had been on their Yelp page a couple days before and I really thought it was unclear if Happy Hour was Monday-Friday or Daily. I had been so unsure that I actually called Five-0-Four during business hours on Thursday and Friday, but the phone rang several times and went to voicemail. I checked the Yelp page tonight while I write my review and it does clearly say that Happy Hour is Monday-Friday, so not sure if I was just selectively blind before or if they changed the information?

Whatever the case, I’m glad they had the LSU game Happy Hour for the weekend!


Rating: 4 Martinis

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