3987 Lake Tahoe Blvd.
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
(530) 544-2113


Parking: Free Lot!! We'ere not in LA anymore, baby!

Daily, 3-6pm & 9-12pm; $2 American
Premium Pints, $3 Import/Craft Pints, $3 House Margaritas (all flavors), $4 Mucho House Margaritas (all flavors), $1 jello shots & $2.50 PBR; $5 appetizer selection

I was tempted to run this review with just the Happy Hour deal listed right above and this line below:

“Really, what can I say? It’s an Applebee's Happy Hour!”

But then, I wanted to give a little background on why I was so excited to cover an Applebee’s Happy Hour. See, JG & I often commiserate on the lack of fun chain restaurants in our vicinity. The nearest TGI Friday’s is literally 9.5 miles away, which is truly sad – given how many searches come up on our site’s visitor log for “TGIF’s happy hour.” We want to accommodate all our readers and their search for the details of TGI Friday’s Happy Hours, alas; there are just not enough around us here in Hollywoodland!
So, it was really very exciting when Amanda & I discovered an Applebee’s within walking distance of our South Lake Tahoe hotel! Having not been to an Applebee’s in some time, my eyes were larger than my appetite and so we ordered 3 items from their $5 appetizer selections: Mozzarella sticks and Spinach & Artichoke dip for me and Buffalo Wings (with Honey Glaze) for Amanda.

The food was your standard nice Applebee’s fare, hot & salty and our drinks were fine too. Figuring when in Rome (or in the Sierra Nevada’s), I went with a $3 pint of Sierra Nevada and Amanda stuck with her favorite non-Happy Hour Applebee’s drink – the White Peach Sangria (with white zinfandel & peach schnapps) served in a giant fishbowl of a glass and still only $6.50!

The scene was pretty quiet on the Sunday of Columbus Day wee
kend, a couple other groups of people, sports games playing on every television (as is the case at any bar men might visit during the Fall season!).

I don’t even know how to rate the Happy Hour, I mean… “Really, what can I say? It’s an Applebee's Happy Hour!


Rating: 4 Martinis

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