8 oz. Burger Bar - CLOSED

Update: As of May 2011, 8oz. Burger Bar is now closed.
7661 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046
www.8OZBURGERBARLOSANGELES.com twitter.com/8ozburgerbar

Parking: Metered Street Parking
Monday-Friday, 4-7pm and Monday-Thursday, 10pm-close - $4 Beers, Wines, & Cocktails, plus $4 “small bites” that for some odd reason do not include burgers. Happy Hour at the bar only.

Call me crazy, but if a restaurant has “burger” in its title, shouldn’t the happy hour include, well, burgers?

Apparently, not at 8 oz.
Burger Bar.

Between JB & I, we have both been to plenty of happy hours that include burgers on their happy hour menu, or at the very least, sliders. 8 oz. Burger Bar does not. For $4, the “small bites” menu includes mini corn dogs, buffalo drumettes, hummus & pita, deviled eggs, and fried olives. If you want a burger, you need to double your happy hour money and order one for $8 or $10. Since the burgers do not come with sides, happy hour is a good time to order one since you can order a $4 side ($5-8 not during happy hour) to go with it.
Since this happy hour was not about burgers, neither was I, so I stuck to the happy hour menu. I ordered up the blackberry collins cocktail ($4), which was served in a large glass and full with just the right amount of liquor. For the next rounds, my girlfriends & I went with glasses of sauvignon blanc ($4). None of us were in the mood for beer,
but if you want to try out a beer, the friendly bartenders will give samples. The price & sizes of the drinks is exactly like happy hour should be done. The hot bartender doesn’t hurt either.
After taking down the big blackberry collins, I ordered the mini corn dogs that were anything but. For $4, you get 3 corn dogs that are shorter than regular corn dogs, but wider – that’s the only way to get into the description without getting too phallic. Explaining to the neighboring Italians what exactly a corn dog is, also proved to be a challenge. It’s always nice to have an old American treat, but the corn of the corn dog was too damn salty. I was afraid that my feet were going to swell and bust out of my Jeffrey Campbell shoes.
Saltiness aside, 8 oz. proved to be a pretty happening happy hour. Happy Hour only takes place at the bar, but it doesn’t stop people from hanging out at the bar before grabbing a table for dinner. We ran into my hottie eye doctor and his equally hot friends. We also kinda sorta met Luke Perry, who was too busy watching the game for me to interrupt and declare my love, but we did chat up his male friend Sandy that we all know we know from somewhere but my imdb detective skills have turned up nothing.

I’d definitely return for this Melrose Ave. happy hour and maybe next time spring for a burger.
Rating: 4 Martinis
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