Toi on Sunset

7505 ½ Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Parking: Metered street parking
Monday-Friday, 4-7pm, Half-off on beers, sake, plum wine, slum wine, and all appetizers

One weekday evening, my neighbor Kuba and I decided to venture out to get a better look at the changes going on in our neighborhood. There’s the
closing of Ye Coach & Horses, the opening of Vintage Enoteca (that has a happy hour!), and the construction of Chipolte. On our walk, we stumbled upon Toi’s sidewalk sign announcing happy hour. I practically whimpered like a puppy until my neighbor gave in. Toi on Sunset is a place that I should probably visit more than I have since I love Thai food and it’s close to home. However, I’ve only been twice, including this happy hour visit.

On this particular visit, I wasn’t so much after Thai food as I just wanted to check out the prices, service, & scene. During Toi’s happy hour, there were only 2 other pairs of people present. Both looked liked definite dates so I’m sure we fit right in, except we weren’t on a date. Toi has a tiny bar that we opted to sit at since we weren’t ordering food. We ordered up hot sake ($4.94 at happy hour) and spent most of our time
mesmerized by the tv playing “The Princess Bride.” Toi has quite an eclectic collection of videos because later they played old “Garfield & Friends” cartoons. With Toi being neighbors with other rock star haunts such as Coach & Horses & Guitar Center, it was only fitting that Jimi Hendrix played in the background. Don’t even get me started on the crazy art in this place. This might be my favorite happy hour … if I were stoned.

If I were stoned with the case of the munchies, Toi’s happy hour offers half-off on all appetizers such as wontons, dumplings, egg rolls, & more that will set you back between $4-5.50 a piece.
The rock star looking staff was cool about us being in for drinks only. They even let us sample the plum wine and explained slum wine to us. If you’re not in the know, slum wine is sake + red wine. I love both, but not sure about them together.

Toi is a good happy hour pick for a dinner date. They should think about getting in the business of late night happy hours. Apparently, Toi is open til 4am everyday, but liquor is only served til midnight so I’m really interested to see what people are craving pad thai at such late hours.

Rating: 3 Martinis

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