8857 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Parking: Metered parking until 6pm, free meters after 6pm; parking lots at various prices
Mon.-Fri., 4-9pm; Sat, 4-7pm, $4 well drinks, $4-5 special menu of 4 appetizers
I’m just going to come out and say it: Micky’s should be renamed Dicky’s or Dicks or Sex because that’s all you’ll be thinking about, I swear.
On my adventure of the boys-town bars, we went to Micky’s for their happy hour that lasted until 9pm. My eyes have been trained that when I see a 4pm start time that the happy hour must end at 7pm. It was nice to see that Micky’s stands out from the bunch. And do they ever…
Micky’s has a pretty diverse cocktail menu to flip through. Favorite line on the menu, under Cosmopolitan-- “Like the Girls in Sex & the City drink!” Like any man or woman in a gay bar would need to be told that, but still cute. Although the bar has a pretty lengthy menu, their happy hour signage is pretty bold when it states $4 Well Drinks. Nothing more. I thought to discuss this with the bartender, but they were too distracted by the men oogling them, and I was too distracted by the go-go boys to investigate further. We stuck with the well drinks on special and ordered cranberry & vodka.
Micky’s serves food, too. The happy hour menu only offers only 4 options that actually sound pretty hearty: angus or chicken sliders plus fries, artichoke heart salad, deep fried blue cheese salad. I may not have minded the short food menu, had it not been included on the regular large menu. I always feel happy hour menus should be separate because most people are going to start eyeing what they can’t have… at happy hour prices. We were already full from our meal at The Abbey so I didn’t sample the food. I don’t think anyone goes there to eat because I only saw one plate the entire visit.
Micky’s is the place to go when you want some eye candy. If you’re trying to catch up with a friend, all you’ll talk about are the boys. I have been to my fair share of gay bars in West Hollywood and beyond so this wasn’t the first time of seeing go-go boys. It was just odd to see such a show when a show wasn’t going on. These boys are out to make some money, and the patrons are glad to give it to them. The boys would just sit, stand, or lay on their podium sometimes gyrating, sometimes groping themselves and men would just come over flirt, hug, & give money. It was such a sight to see that I almost felt prude. Almost.
Rating: 3 Martinis
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