We’ll Drink To That: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

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I absolutely love to get manicure/pedicures. Some people love to get massages, but for me a mani/pedi is my massage. I just love to kick back in the massage chairs, receive beauty treatments, and read the latest
Us Weekly. However, now that the holidays are over and my latest show wrapped, I can’t splurge on my favorite beauty ritual as much as I would like.

I have bought countless brands of nail polish, but the end result is always that it looks like I gave myself a manicure… if I was six. Cue the new Sally Hansen line Complete Salon Manicure to save the day.

While in Memphis for the holidays, I was still too jetlagged from my New Zealand travels to bother finding a nail salon. On one Walgreens run, I picked up a color from the new collection to once again try an at-home manicure. I’m not sure how long this collection has been out, but I’m certain that it’s pretty new since it can be found on displays at many stores. I picked up the color Plum Luck since I feel that dark polishes tend to better disguise mistakes. At $7.49 the polish is about a dollar more than most drugstore polishes, but it works! Trust me. I’ve tried many.

Not only did I not have mistakes on my nails, but they were also super shiny before I applied a top coat. To cover my bases (literally), I was sure to use a top coat to ensure a great result. The polish was also quick drying so I didn’t get fabric imprints from long sleeves, towels, or sheets – a BIG pet peeve. The polish looked great for days, and I never had to reapply a top coat for a fresh look.

I have since picked up two more colors from the Complete Salon Manicure collection:
Pink Slip
and my new obsession, All Fired Up. There are over 40 shades to choose from. If you’re like us and need to save money for happy hour, I highly recommend picking up nail polish from this collection!


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