Rush Street

9546 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

Parking: $6.50 Valet; Public Parking Garages – 1st two hours free, $1 per hour after that.

Mon.-Fri., 3-7pm, $3 Well Drinks, Wine, & Bottle Beer; $5 Premium Drinks & Draft Beer

We’ve stated before that we’re midwestern girls with a love for the city life, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t represent. We give shot outs whenever we see someone representing our Illinois roots. We even pretend to watch “the game” even though all we want to know is if our people won. So it was only a matter a time before at least one of us ended up at happy hour at Rush Street, a Culver City spot named after the popular Chicago street.

Rush Street is a restaurant/bar with 2 levels. The first level is more of a restaurant, although there were plenty of
men watching sports at the bar. The second level is a laid back lounge that is definitely representative of a hot spot lounge in Chicago. There’s also a patio, but we kept the party indoors. JG ended up at Rush Street for a low-key engagement party of about 30 people. The newly engaged friend was able to make reservations for a corner area on the 2nd level without any bottle service or minimum tab for the table.

We had the experience of dealing with a bartender and a server. The bartender was quick to take orders even as the crowd grew or maybe he could just tell there was a desperate need for a drink. He could pour a mean glass of $3 wine ($8 during non-happy hour). As for the group, the server was great about remembering who ordered what, split checks as people left, & always there at just the right time. Too bad we didn’t get their names. Here’s hoping all the staff is just as great. On a later visit, JG did meet cutie GM, Jason, who made sure we had a good time while the Chicago Bears got beat.

If not there for a group event, this may also be a great spot to meet someone. Culver City tends to draw a more mature crowd so if you’ve grown old of hanging around new, young drinkers slamming down shots, shots, shots, then this might be the place for you. People were social on both levels, even in the unisex bathroom… and not that kind of social, perverts. One of our friends had a conversation about the bathrooms with Brian van Holt ,who was incognito in a Chicago Cubs hat. Later, we’re pretty sure we saw him there with his Cougar Town co-star, Ian Gomez.

Should I stay or Should I go Note: Once happy hour was over, the lounge turned more into a club. The music got louder, the bottle service was in session, & on the way out, we saw 2 staff members that were possibly granting access to the 2nd floor. (VIP after a certain hour?) Oh yeah, and there’s a stripper pole. If clubbing is your thing, then stay. If you hope to continue your night as is, then it is time to keep it moving.

This is also a good place to check out for brunch!

Rating: 4 Martinis

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