Gyu Kaku

163 N. La Cienega Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Parking – Valet or very, very limited street parking
Daily, 5-6:30pm and Mon-Sat., 9:30pm – last call. 99 cents beers, $3 cocktails, & 8 appetizers at $4 or less. Cheap drinks! Cheap eats! Hot food!
Gyu Kaku knows how to do happy hour! They host 2 happy hours so those who missed it the first time can get it on the fun. Hell, if you were there the first time, come back later because the deals are that good. They offer 99 cents draft beer, 18 specialty cocktails for $3, & plenty of appetizers.

We visited during their late happy hour. We arrived a few minutes early for happy hour start time, but the hostess was kind enough to seat us anyway. Our server was even nicer, offering up suggestions for food & drink and answering any questions. We ordered up the Cherry Blossom and Apple Ball cocktails (fruity concoctions made with Sprite and liquor). We later switched to beer and the Passion fruit Saketini. All the cocktails go down so easy that food is a necessity.
Gyu Kaku is a Japanese BBQ restaurant where customers get to grill their own food in the center of the table. We were sure to take in that experience with an order of yakishabu beef for $2.95. Cooking was quick, easy, & fun and did not leave us smelling like a grill. (One of us recently left a place smelling of tempura so it meant a lot to us) We also ordered cabbage kimchee, fried calamari, crispy seaweed with cream cheese, & ahi poke. All delicious!

This is a spot that’s good for any social situation, except meeting someone new. We saw dates, a pair of friends, & group of friends, but there didn’t seem to be any commingling of new friends and hook-ups (alas and alack…). The music was a mix of old school jams from the 80s & 90s, but not too loud that we couldn’t hear each other.
How we had never been to this place, we don’t know, but we’re sure to go back!
Rating: 5 Martinis
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  1. The Web site says this location has happy hour during lunch, too...That's nuts. I like it!



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