El Bar

3256 Cahuenga Blvd.Los Angeles, CA 90068



Parking: Free Parking Lot

Monday-Friday, 5-9pm, $5 Modelo, $4 Well Drinks, but... $3 Margaritas ALL NIGHT! EVERY NIGHT! Dungeon-dark Bar with happy hour food & drink deals that are far from torture!
We’re not sure how much we can tell you about El Bar happy hour because we made it to happy hour with one minute to spare. Literally. The great news is that the bartender was gracious enough to still serve us at the happy hour price. No begging. No tears.
During happy hour, tequila shots are $2-5, well drinks are $4, and beers are various happy hour prices. They also offer a flight of tequilas, but not at a happy hour price. The bar also serves $3 margaritas at all times! Tequila seems to be theme at El Bar. We didn’t get a chance to partake because we panicked at the closing of happy hour and ordered two simple well drinks for $4 each. We would like to check out it again when it’s not as busy or with more bartenders on staff so someone could talk us through the tequilas.
El bar also has a food menu from 5-9 pm. The menu features a phone number so that bar patrons can order food from the next door pizzeria. However, it may be a bit difficult to place a phone order from a bar due to the noise of regular bar chatter and jukebox jams. Hopefully, they accept text messages or it may be easier to just go next door.

We weren’t sold on the darkness of the bar, though stepping into the darkness with its collection of Hispanic and Spanish art (and a bulls' head!) immediately makes you feel you like you're not at a strip mall near a 101 on-ramp, which, indeed you are. We kept scanning the bar for our notes, as well as generally scanning as singles are prone to do, but we just couldn’t see. When one of us went to the bathroom, we needed the flashlight app on the iphone to make sure we were going to the correct bathroom, let alone a bathroom at all. What we could see was the female bartender’s red, sparkly bustier that seemed a bit out of place for a Vintage Bar Group bar as it appeared to be a uniform of sorts and not the night’s wardrobe selection. Since she was the only one working, it seemed strangely out of place. We wonder what the guys wear.
We really want to like this bar, but just weren’t feeling it for some reason. We only stayed for a drink. About a month later, JG made another visit for an impromptu wrap party. One thing that's sure about this bar is that is it good for groups, as the group dominated the bar.
Not scared of the dark? We’d love to hear from some regulars to hear what makes it their home.
Rating: 3 Martinis
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