The Well

6255 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Parking: Street Parking on Argyle Ave. or Sunset Blvd. or Pay Lot on Argyle Ave. (average price $5)
Daily, 5-9pm, $4-7 cocktails in this dim den, perfect for dates.
Every time we go to The Well, we are hit with a new surprise. The first was that they started serving food. The second was that they had happy hour. Then, on the most recent outing, we received the best surprise. We learned the 5-day a week, 6-9pm, happy hour is now a 7 day a week, 5-9pm, happy hour!

For anywhere from $4-7, one can get an amazing beer, cocktail, martini, or glass of wine of great size and value. There are no watered down drinks here. We have sampled everything from beer to wine, as well as their specialty cocktails like the Rumba Punch. Unlike most happy hours that offer very limited food deals, The Well has so many great options ranging from $3 appetizers to a $16 platter, that it’s impossible to sample it all for review, but you can never go wrong with the sweet potato fries.
This is a pretty great spot to meet people, too. Once upon a time, we used to frequent The Well a lot and met a hot, surfer bartender that gave deals that could rival any happy hour in the city. Then, he was gone and we never even got his name; we think he may have been a happy hour mirage. Bar staff aside, this bar is never too empty or packed to strike up a conversation with someone new. Our move? Meet at the jukebox, with your ass stuck out real cute-like, and debate what song to play.
Ever get connected in The Well? We want to hear about it.
Rating: 4.5 Martinis
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