Gin & Tonic for the Soul: Fall TV

It's that time again - Interesting Discussion Topics for Happy Hour

Living in LA, it’s only natural that most conversations center around what we “do,” celebrity gossip, and the latest movies & TV shows. If we had a dollar for each time someone asked us about any of the afore-mentioned, we wouldn’t have to do anything and could spend more time and these dollars at happy hours. This week’s Gin & Tonic For The Soul is not about top LA conversation starters but our thoughts on the new shows of the fall TV season.

Pour out your beer! Accidently on Purpose. 8:30pm, Mondays on CBS.
We love Jon Foster, Grant Show, & Ashley Jensen, but not this show. The first episode moved way too fast. Perhaps, the network told them to get to the point before they were canceled, but honesty I would be more likely to give the show another chance if the first episode was stretched over three episodes, not crammed in one. I just hope Ashley Jensen didn’t leave Ugly Betty for this.

Get drunk to this! Melrose Place. 9p, Tuesdays on The CW.
Surprisingly, I’m one of the few watching this remake. It’s not the best show, but it’s definitely not the worst. With the low ratings, I hope that it doesn’t get canceled before the mystery is solved. Nothing is worse than having a show canceled on you without ever knowing the resolution. Models Inc., Swingtown, etc. If only the writers would get over Violet’s “gee shucks! I just moved to the big city” shtick, it could be much better. Even we wore make-up when we first moved to LA! With the news of Heather Locklear’s return, here’s hoping that it gets better.

Cheers! Modern Family. 9pm, Wednesdays on ABC.
It’s great to see family comedies make a comeback. I don’t know which character is the funniest: The trophy wife, the too cool for school dad, or the gay couple with the Lion King presentation of their adopted baby. People in my office have been quoting this show all week.

Get drunk to this! Eastwick. 10pm, Wednesdays on ABC. One of us doesn’t watch much TV, but she loves witchy shit that seems like an appropriate fit to usher in the fall! This show seems like a good fit with its “Desperate Housewives” voice-over, familiar TV faces (known to us as Alex/Alexis Meade, Mindy O’Dell, Janet Sosna, and Kyle XY) and a storyline loosely based on the dense, but interesting John Updike novel, The Witches of Eastwick, and the funky movie of the same name (star power – Jack Nicholson, Cher, Susan Sarandon, Michelle Pfeiffer, oh my!). We’re enjoying it while it lasts.

Cheers! Flash Forward. 8pm, Thursdays on ABC. Who isn’t already addicted to this show about the entire world losing conscious at the same time for 2 minutes & 17 seconds? There’s already been many conversations (and even some texts) about flash forward theories. It’s been a long time since we had a show that required absolutely no disruptions and it’s about damn time. Who’s hoping that John Cho was just asleep during his flash forward? What did Peyton List see that has her so spooked? And more importantly, who is the man didn’t fall out???

What are YOUR favorite shows of the fall TV season? Any disappointments?

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