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It's that time again - Interesting Discussion Topics for Happy Hour

It's with great excitement that we read that Diablo Cody is in talks to adapt the "Sweet Valley High" of our youth for the big screen. This week's G&T4TS (ha!) takes a look at other favorite books, movies, cartoons of yester-year that we really truly think deserve the big screen treatment. And, Hollywood, we'd be happy to adapt them!

-- Babysitter's Club - Where's Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne, Stacey, Dawn, Mallory, and Jessi when you need them? They can't all be at the Rodowsky's in Stoneybrook! These timeless (okay, not so timeless) books have been adapted into one tv show and one movie. We think it's high time for the BSC's next life! Until then, here's a hilarious (though now on permanent hiatus) blog that examines that BSC books from the perspective of an adult who grew up reading the books, but now realizes how damn dingy they were. Her spot-on sarcastic commentary of the goofy covers alone is worth the read!

-- Jem & the Holograms - This J had a dream that Seth Rogen wanted to partner on a movie project and I suggested something we both liked - he thought Jem & the Holograms would be the right fit. Not sure how that would work, but how we'd love to see a live-action Jem & the Holograms, one of our favorite childhood cartoons. Here's some fun - who could play the Holograms? The Misfits? Mandy Moore as Jem (or Elisha Cuthbert as pic to right suggests)? Lindsay Lohan as old school red, Kimber Benton? Megan Fox as Pizzazz? Lady Gaga as Synergy, sharing a love
of leotards?

-- The Thundercats! Who wasn't a fan of this fierce clique of cats/human/aliens from the planet Thundera? Since this show was on in the 80's and all, we had plenty of leggings, leg warmers, etc. to drive our parents crazy doing our best Cheetara impression. There was once talk of a CGI-aminated feature Thundercats movie, but we have no idea whatever happened to it. Luckily, we are not the only ones nostalgic for our childhood because there are plenty of fan sites, even one dedicated to the movie updates. Thundercats is definitely something that we wouldn't mind seeing remade, as long as they don't try to turn it into a musical. What is it with everything being turned into musicals?!?! Perhaps, that's another G&T4TS for another time. Thundercat - HO!

-- Anything by the queen of our twisted guilty pleasure pre-adolescence, V.C. Andrews. Our personal favorite was the wonderful Ruby - complete with Andrews' standard consensual incest (a disturbingly popular trend in the media this week :( storyline, the affairs of rich girls-poor girls, alligator attacks, etc. So bad, so good. We all know FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC was made into one hell of a freak-ass movie, apparently another title, RAIN, was as well. Getting thyself to thy Netflix queu, like stat!

-- Anything by the king our twisted guilty pleasure pre-adolescence/most awesome writer of life - Christopher Pike! Only one of the books by America's pied piper of shitty/amazing young adult horror has been made into a movie and I gotta say - that's a tragedy on par with the national defecit. Take your pick of which page-to-screen adaptations you'd like to see, we're dying (pun intended, Mr. Pike) for any of the following series: Chain Letters 1 & 2, Final Friends 1, 2, & 3, and the Remember Me series. Here's a nice fan site.

So readers, discuss amongst yourself - here and/or at the bar - what favorite movies and TV shows and books of your past would you like to see on the big screen?


  1. 1) My Little Pony (People=live action, ponies=CGI)
    2) Rainbow Brite (same live action/CGI setup as 'Pony')
    3) The Clan of the Cave Bear Books...I loved those books when I was in middle school/high school, mostly for the very descriptive sex scenes (let's just say there were several times when I had to hide inappropriate erections when I was reading the books at school or in the car on family road trips!!!). But despite the sex, I loved the female empowerment themes and the amazingly descriptive depiction of prehistoric life. I know they made a version of the first book in the 80s with Daryl Hannah, but it was HORRIBLE! It deserves a much better treatment, and with advances in CGI and makeup I think it could translate to screen better this time around.

  2. OMG "Rain" was made into a movie?!?! I am indeed off to neflix!! Also...Ruby comes in as a close second to my all-time favorite, Heaven. I mean, what's better than reading about Heaven walking 15 miles a day in the cold harsh winter only to come home to dry biscuits, a sickly sister that calls you "Hev-lee" and a brother that's in love with you? Nothing. lol! Love this blog guys!

  3. While we all knew the B.S.C., I'd be super pysched for Jem!!

  4. Tootsie - I'm with ya on My Little Pony and Rainbow Brite, but beg to differ on another front; I think that Daryl Hannah's CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR was our generation's GONE WITH THE WIND. Just kidding, I've never seen it, but remember the cover art from my daily summer trips to Family Video.

    Carolyn - Girl, so glad to know you were in on the V.C. Andrews craze! And it was crazy :). Thanks for your special account of Heaven - I might have to head over to the library to pick up this very-V.C. tale. Except I'd definitely have to microwave a V.C. Andrews book (imagine the germs!) - haha!

    LA B - Maybe we can start a petition for Jem!!

    xx JB



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