Enterprise Fish Co.

174 Kinney St.
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Parking: Metered Street Parking or Metered Lot, directly across the street. Bring change!
Monday-Friday, 4-7pm and Sunday, 8-10pm, $3.50 well cocktails & glasses of wine, $3.00 – $4.25 draft beer, $4.00 - $4.95 bottled beer, & food deals
When a friend suggested I include Enterprise Fish Co. in my reviews of the west side, I was a tad hesitant. I love fish. I love booze. But, fish and booze together? I have done fish & chips and sushi & sake. I guess it was the name that put me off, and gave me the impression that I may end up drinking in a fish factory.
Not so.
Upon greeting our friend, we were allowed to sit ourselves on their outdoor patio. No rules & regulations. We were quickly greeted with the news that it was a happy hour, something I think some establishments try to keep secret, and a happy hour menu. We went for the $3.50 glass of cabernet, while our friend got the $2.50 mai tai special. Our serving size was plenty generous, but not too big where it looks like another day on spring break rather than two young adults catching up over drinks. Our glasses (and every glass we saw) was just right.
Enterprise Fish Co. offers plenty of food options during happy hour from $1 oysters to $10.95 crab legs. Everything that went past our table made us wish for a sampler plate or a buffet. The smells were amazing, not fish factory at all. We started out with the lobster bisque, not featured on the happy hour menu, but for a $5.95 cup it was hard to pass up. Plus the reputation for the lobster bisque preceded it so we had to try it. We also split a plate of $3.95 vegetable potstickers. Last but not least, all tables received a basket of warm bread and light garlic butter.
We weren't crazy that there were a lot of families there… with kids …young kids. We love kids, but when we go to happy hour, we are there for straight up girl talk or fantasies of witty bar banter with men fresh from work. If we wanted to be somewhere that we may need to censor ourselves, we would go to Chuck E. Cheese. The groups we saw looked more family vacation, less local. There were a couple of groups in our demo there, but we would love to see this place really take off for the locals not the out of towners.
Hopefully, the word will get around!
Ratings: 3 martinis
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